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About Quality Enhancement Cell

QEC Activities

  1. To develop the coordination among the department for smooth carry-on of QEC activities.
  2. To carryout feedback surveys from students, faculty, alumni, and employers of institute graduates.
  3. To prepare summary reports on the feedback received and submit to the concerned heads for perusal and necessary actions.
  4. To carryout self-assessment of all the academic programs.
  5. To sensitize students and faculty by conducting workshops/seminars/conference on quality assurance and self-assessment.
  6. Attend/contribute in workshops/seminars/conference at national and international level for capacity building.
  7. To arrange visits of the team for evaluation of SAR prepared by the Programs Team of the department concerned.
  8. To make follow-up with the concerned department for the preparation of implementation plans and remedial actions taken by the department on the observation of the team called on to evaluate the said program.
  9. Implantation of QA criteria as proposed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  10. Compilation and updating University Portfolio Report (UPR) on yearly basis.
  11. Fixing Visits of HEC Team for Institution Performance, and reviews of Institutes’ PG Programs and follow-ups for the remedial actions.
  12. To carryout Institutional Performance Self-Evaluation (IPSE) and have follow-ups for the remedial actions.
  13. To sensitize the concerned heads for programs’ accreditations.
  14. To carryout NoC matters with HEC.
  15. Collection/provision of Institute’s statistics/data for university ranking by national/ international agencies.