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Rules & Regulations

The central library and all departmental libraries of PAQSJIMS shall observe the following rules formulated as per requirements.

Title: Library Rules & Regulations of PAQSJIMS, Gambat.

These Rules & Regulations be called Library Regulations of PAQSJIMS, Gambat.
Competent Authority means Vice Chancellor of the PAQSJIMS.
Librarian means Librarian of the PAQSJIMS.
Library Purchase Advisory Committee means Library Committee of PAQSJIMS, as approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
Research Scholar means a person duly authorized to conduct research at the PAQSJIMS.
Student means any person enrolled at the PAQSJIMS, for a degree.
Teacher means Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant professor, Lecture & Research Associate employed by the University on whole time basis for teaching at the University OR such other person as may be recognized to be Teacher by the University.
Non-Teaching Staff means the Administrative Officers and supporting staff of the University of PAQSJIMS.
Syndicate means The Syndicate of the PAQSJIMS.
University means PAQSJIMS, Pakistan.
Library means Main/Central Library of  PAQSJIMS.
Services mean the provision of reading and research facility for the library user by direct or indirect means.
Volume means each copy of a book, a Periodical, and any other printed and non-printed material.
Other Person means the person who does not comes under the category of “Student”, “Employee of PAQSJIMS”


The University Library shall remain open for services to the students and staff from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
The Library shall remain closed on Saturday & Sundays, other Gazetted holidays and for the annual stock taking period during the summer vacations or as advised by the Library Advisory Committee.
Regulations regarding Borrowing of library material:


Librarian or Authorized Officer may permit a person who is not a member of the University to use the Library.


The following categories of persons shall be eligible to become members of the Library.
They shall have the privilege to draw books from the Library to the extent and for the period shown against each, subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down here in.

S/No Membership Category Borrowing Privileges Days


Professor 4 books 1 Months


Associate Professor 4 books 1 Month


Assistant Professor 4 books 1 months


Lecturer 4 books 1 month


Research Associate 3 books 14 days


Teaching Assistants 3 books 14 days


PG/Research Scholar 3 books 14 days


Graduate/Undergraduates 2books One Week


Administrative |Staff 3 books 14 days
  • To become a member he/she should complete an application form by providing the relevant information as mentioned in the application form to obtain a membership card. Application forms are available at the Circulation desk of the Library or download from the University website (
  • Members are required to use their membership-card while accessing the library.
  • Library Membership is mandatory for all the students otherwise no student is allowed to use the library.
  • The library card is personalized and can be used only by the owner.
  • Lost cards may be replaced for Rs.100/-. Immediately report loss of card to the library staff at the membership desk, to avoid any misuse.
  • Only individual membership cards are available. Corporate or school memberships are not available.
  • Kindly inform the membership desk of any change in address or telephone number.
  • Ensure that you have a valid membership card at all times.
  • Students and university staff desirous of using the library must get registered by applying for library membership on prescribed form obtainable from the library free of charge.
  • Members are asked to take great care of their membership card as they will be held responsible for any materials borrowed on their card.
  • If the original card is lost, a duplicate card may be issued on the discretion of the Librarian, University of PAQSJIMS. There will be an additional charge of Rs. 100/- for this service.
  • The University library does not extend its loan privileges to the Person who comes under the category of “Outsider”. However He/ She can use the library resources for reference purpose after formal permission from the Librarian or competent Authority.


  1. General Library Material:  Which can be checked out by the library members
  2. Not for Issue Library material: which cannot be checked out and can be read within the premises of the library.
  3. Reserved material:The library material in the library catalogue can be reserved. The Member has to inquire at the Circulation Desk about the availability of the book reserved.
  • Urgently required by another member with written request. In such case the existing borrower shall be allowed sufficient but less than the maximum time to fulfill his/her need.
  • Declared to be reserved by the competent authority due to any reasons.
  • Declared to be rare and should be protected.
  • Banned by Government / Competent authority of the university.
  1. Overdue Material: Any material borrowed must be returned/ renewed within the period of loan or student can make a photo copy of the source book.

In case of failure, the following “FINE” will be imposed, provided that in exceptional cases the Librarian may remit the fine.
Rs. 10 per day per volume for first five working days
Rs. 15 per day per volume after one week.

  1.  Renewal of library material: The books borrowed by the library member can be renewed only if there is no demand for the same books.


  • The Library maintains a computer LAN (local Area Network) with computers. Internet Access is available on these workstations.
  • The Internet Access for the university students and staff is free of charge.
  • During the rush hours the internet users will be allowed for 15 minutes to access the internet.
  • Personal emails and web chatting is prohibited in the library digital computer lab.
  • The library computers in the digital lab are intended for the research purpose.


  1. Borrower may draw and return books as per the decided category.
  2. Delay fine for overdue books will be charged according to the University Library Rules
  3. No book shall be issued to a student/ member unless he/she presents his/her borrower’s Card in person.
  4. Three-time deduction shall be computed against loss of book(s) conforming to current market price of the respective book(s)
  5. In the event of returning of library book(s) kindly make it sure (in your presence) that the same has/have visibly been discarded by the counter Assistant.
  6. Renewal of books is permitted only once.
  7. Kindly sign your full signature separately against each lending book in order to rationalize your A/C
  8. Borrower will be held responsible for any damage incurred on book while in his/her possession.
  9. Library borrower card is not transferable
  10. Members shall observe silence in the reading halls
  11. Don’t use cell phone in the Library. Switch your Cell Phones to Silent mode when entered in the library.
  12. Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader.
  13. Cleanliness must be observed in all sections of the library.
  14. Members shall not smoke, or spit in any part of the library
  15. Any type of Food stuff is prohibited in the library premises.
  16. Members shall not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the library
  17. Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Librarian.
  18. All members will also be required to submit for inspection of any book or any object, which they are carrying while leaving the Library.
  19. All Members shall deposit their personal belongings such as books, handbags or brief case overcoat etc. at the reception counter or pigeon holes of the Library.
  20. Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the material borrowed or taken out of the library by them may be checked
  21. Upon any infringement of the library rules members shall forfeit the privileges of admission and membership of the library
  22. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner
  23. All members entering the Library shall be required to produce their identity/borrowers card whenever required by the library staff.
  24. The members caught tearing pages/stealing of books will be suspended forthwith from using the library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the University.
  25. Bags may be brought into the Libraries provided they are presented for inspection by library staff, on request, when leaving the Libraries.
  26. Persons present in the Libraries at any time must identify themselves to the University Librarian, or in his absence, the next most senior officer on duty in the Libraries, when requested to do so.
  27. No broadsheets, handbills, newspapers or other material (other than official notices of the Libraries or University) may be distributed or displayed within the Libraries except with the approval of the University Librarian.
  28. So long as any fine imposed under these Rules remains unpaid, or so long as any person keeps an item to which that person is not entitled, the right of the defaulter to use the Libraries is suspended.


Weeding out and write off are two important functions in which librarian have the right to weed out non used and outdated material after proper permission of Competent Authority. While to write off theft or loss materials from the library.
All librarians of university of PAQSJIMS shall observe the following rules for Weeding out and write off materials.
Upon consultation with the concerned head of the department, the librarian will enlist all outdated and non use books etc. The list will be forwarded to the competent authority for the approval in order to weed out the materials.
The Librarian shall report all printed/ non- printed material damaged or worn-out through fair wear and tear to the competent authority for write­ off approval.
Losses to the extent of 3% per annum of the available stock in an open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.
Losses to the extent of 2% per annum of the available collection of a close ­access or partially open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.
Losses written off by the competent authority shall be struck off from the stock and transferred to the with-drawl register indicating the reasons due to which the losses were written off.
In case a book is not returned to the library by a member due to a genuine reason shall be written off by the competent authority.


  • The following precaution tools should be provided in the library for security reasons and losses of Library Books/Materials.
  • Security Camera system should be installed in all sections and entrance of library.
  • Security tag must be pasted in hidden area inside each book.
  • Scan through machine should be installed on the entrance of library.
  • Female Professional staff should be appointed for female circulation desk/section and security reasons.
  • Library should have of one entrance and exit.
  • Doors and windows should be properly locked.